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Friendly Thieves

Meet the Band

“Liquid Grit” is a neo alt funk rock genre that Friendly Thieves totally and completely made up to encompass Sam Wells’ intoxicating vocals and stage presence, Ben Baker’s cr0nchy sax melodies dripping with effects,  Sam Millard’s melody centric, mystifying bass, Matt Chipman’s slim thick grooves, and Jamae Breeze’s masterfully psychedelic lead guitar.

Sam Wells | Vocals & Electric Ukulele

A ‘Sharkboy and Lavagirl’ kinda queer

Blurry hot sauce photographer

Chips and Guac


Current Pedal Count: 5

Ben Baker | Woodwinds

Purveyor of electronic wooden wind

Post grad studies in the funk

Breakfast Burrito


Current Pedal Count: 5

Jamae Breeze | Electric Guitar

Gear nerd

“Jimmy was off the hook”



Current Pedal Count: 16

Sam Millard | Bass

Chronically online

Looking for the funk

3am half eaten pizza


Current Pedal Count: 5

Matt Chipman | Drums

Deer in the headlights

Groove Sommelier

Costco Hotdog


Current Pedal Count: 2.5